Flood Relief

Follow the stories of
a community rebuilt.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have caused untold damage across south Texas and Flordia. MVNG is led by nine people across the country. Four of us are in Houston, Texas, and two are in coastal areas of Florida. For us, this devastation is personal.

We hope to chronicle the ways in which individuals and organizations across Texas and Flordia have responded to this disaster.

BUILDING (and rebuilding) COMMUNITIES.

In the meantime, please pray. Pray for those who have lost everything, pray for the souls of those who have died, and pray for all those that have answered the call to serve and give.

// Resources for those affected by the flood:

// Suggestions for ways to support disaster recovery:

We will continue to provide updates on ways you can help, and we will share the stories of the amazing people and communities doing God’s work.

// Ministry resources provided by Episcopal Relief & Development

Post-Disaster Ministry Resources
Ministering to Children After a Disaster – Grades K-5
Ministering to Youth After a Disaster – Grades 6-8
Ministering to Teens After a Disaster – Grades 9-12
Ministering to Adults After a Disaster

Harvey Response Webinar 8.31.2017

Sample Prayers and Liturgy
How To: Adapting Liturgy and Ritual After a Disaster
The Mentor Research Institute has developed a resource called The Great Storm and Flood Recovery: Children’s Story and Activity Book.